Clients Say

Bonnie Segal

Over the course of the past year, John really stands out as someone who exemplifies a work ethic that is very rare these days. He is the first person to go above and beyond on any collaborative project. Even on the toughest of protocols, he handles every challenge effortlessly. Despite being a pharmaceutical client of mine, he makes our research team feel as though he is working for us. This has been incredibly effective as a way to get things done and prioritize his clinical trials. He’s excellent at Clinical Operations and managing even the toughest of circumstances. We are fortunate to work with such a dynamic person like John and he can always count on us to go out of our way for him.

Erika Parker Zavod

John Diaz reported directly to me from 2012 to 2015. I was confident that John could easily handle the responsibilities of vendor and budget oversight for clinical trials. John manage complex protocols while coordinating communication and trial related information across multiple departments with minimal supervision. During an Advisory Board meeting, John was praised for how efficient the clinical trials that were under his management were conducted. John is a strong leader, a diligent worker and has knowledge of many therapeutic areas and functions within clinical research. I strongly recommend John.

Sean Gill

I had the pleasure to work with John Diaz at Merck in Merck’s Clinical Pharmacology department. John was an energetic, knowledgeable colleague who learned and followed the Merck processes quickly and effectively. I highly recommend John for any position within Research and Development and I hope that I get to work with John again in the near future.

Wendy Niebler, MD

John Diaz was Clinical Operations Lead and Project Manager for the CNS group with a large pharma company and a member of a cross-functional team that I led. John consistently maintained a high quality of work and delivered on all objectives. I then hired John to be the Clinical Operations Program Lead for CNS at a small pharma company several years later. John was skillful in managing multiple vendors because of his strong communication skills and his ability to effectively prioritize tasks ensured that timelines were met. It was my pleasure to work with John and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Maciej Gasior

I had the pleasure to work with John Diaz on three protocols in the Medical Monitor – Operations Manager relationship. He was enthusiastic, diligent and proactive throughout his participation in the oversight of each clinical trial on which we collaborated. It was my pleasure to work with John and I look forward to working with him again.

Elan Cohen

Various site department staff and I have worked with John for several years on numerous CNS indication clinical trials, and I can safely speak for all these team members when I genuinely assert that John is at the top 1% of Program Managers within the industry. He possesses several qualities to earn this claim, including but certainly not limited to his astute organizational skills, knowledge and steadfast commitment of what entails a high standard of quality and the nuances regarding how trials are accurately and safely conducted, ability to motivate other team members to complete timeline work, his connections within the industry which helps ensure all aspects of a clinical trial are addressed, and last but certainly not least, his strong communication proficiency applied across a variety of trial services to ensure comprehensive coverage of tasks. Moreover, I do not think there has ever been a time when any of us saw John be negative or stressed – his temperament for staying calm, cool, and collected in the midst of resolving complex trial issues is extraordinary and infectious to the entire study team. In sum, any sponsor or CRO would be immensely lucky and could take a sigh of relief having John lead their study team.

Mark Theeuwes

I hired GeoSera to augment clinical operations, project management and vendor management on a recent, psychiatric clinical study and was very pleased the execution of the clinical study. The GeoSera team, in collaboration with our internal team, pushed sites, CROs and other vendors to activate quickly and recruit the full study within 4 months. GeoSera co-lead the execution of the clinical study and supported corporate tasks as needed. I am very happy with the deliverables that GeoSera provided and continue to refer GeoSera to colleagues throughout the industry. The GeoSera model is very cost effective compared to hiring full time staff based on the ebb and flow of clinical operations and project management work.

Raul P. Lima

I had the pleasure to hire John to take over one of development programs under my responsibility. I delegated all operational details of this program such as budgeting, vendor and project management as well as delegating strategic responsibilities to John. I was confident that John could take ownership of and execute all tasks related to leading the program. I thoroughly look forward to working with John Carlos Diaz again and highly recommend John Carlos to lead any drug development team or program.

Sue Torchio

I hired John Diaz in 2010 based off his enthusiasm, knowledge and his affability. John was a quick learner who required minimal supervision. I had the utmost confidence in John to deliver quality oversight of the clinical trials that I assigned to him. John worked well with other departments to ensure that the operational risks of his trials were thoroughly evaluated and then proposed efficient solutions. It was unfortunate that our organizational structure changed and John no longer reported to me. I sincerely hope that John’s and my career paths cross in the future and would hire John to report directly to me again.

Cole Brown

I consider myself fortunate to have had an opportunity to collaborate with John recently. John is adept at Clinical Operations and seamlessly integrated into our in-house team. He used his extensive professional networks to quickly recruit vendors that could meet our deadlines while maintaining quality. He ensured that the Research and Development team was frequently updated on the status and conduct of his activities. I was impressed by John’s ability to predict our needs and work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to achieve our corporate goals. I would jump at the chance to work with John again.