About GeoSera

Decades of combined, wide-ranging industry experiences,
led by President and Owner

Our Story

The flexibility of GeoSera’s business model allows sponsors to bring in skilled and experienced contractors in an a la carte fashion which allows scaling up or down depending on the needs of the organization and their studies.

GeoSera has experience in all facets of drug development and clinical research ranging from:

Partnering Goals

GeoSera strives to embed our team within our partnering clients. 

Our motto is to advise, strategize and give direct feedback if necessary; but as long as patient safety is not jeopardized, GxP principles and ICH guidelines are followed, we will support the execution of the client’s overall plan.

GeoSera’s goals are to jumpstart a client’s drug development pipeline through proactive efforts and decisive leadership while allowing the client to delegate micro-level responsibilities to GeoSera so that client leadership can support the overall macro goal of positive clinical trials.

Potential GeoSera

Tasks and Responsibilities


Therapeutic Areas of Expertise