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The Catalyst to Drug Development


Delegate the design, execution, and oversight of your clinical trials to a team of professionals who average 20+ years of experience in drug development.


Proven record of quality, reliability, and consistent engagement with pharma/biotech, CROs, third-party vendors, and research sites across the globe.

Satisfied Clients

Strong network of professional friends and colleagues who rehire and refer GeoSera across the industry.

Diverse Knowledge

We design, execute, and oversee Phase I-IV global and multi-therapeutic area clinical trials for both large and small pharma.

About GeoSera

GeoSera has decades of combined, wide-ranging experiences led by President and Owner, John Carlos Diaz.

Contracting with GeoSera allows for pharma and biotech companies to hire a skilled and experienced team to delegate the development and execution of their pipeline. 

GeoSera’s business model provides sponsor companies with financial flexibility by creating contracts in an a la carte fashion.

Also, GeoSera can scale up and down depending on the needs of the company, so the company is only paying for tasks that are needed.

The GeoSera

Competitive Advantage

Partnering with GeoSera allows sponsor companies to achieve their goals without the financial commitment of adding full time employees.

GeoSera’s contract can be tailored to the workload and needs of the sponsor company.

GeoSera is a fully insured, certified, Small Business and Minority Business Enterprise.

Clients Say

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    Sean Gill

    I had the pleasure to work with John Diaz at Merck in Merck’s Clinical Pharmacology department. John was an energetic, knowledgeable colleague who learned and followed the Merck processes quickly and effectively. I highly recommend John for any position within Research and Development and I hope that I get to work with John again in the near future.

      Maciej Gasior

      I had the pleasure to work with John Diaz on three protocols in the Medical Monitor – Operations Manager relationship. He was enthusiastic, diligent and proactive throughout his participation in the oversight of each clinical trial on which we collaborated. It was my pleasure to work with John and I look forward to working with him again.

        Raul P. Lima

        I had the pleasure to hire John to take over one of development programs under my responsibility. I delegated all operational details of this program such as budgeting, vendor and project management as well as delegating strategic responsibilities to John. I was confident that John could take ownership of and execute all tasks related to leading the program. I thoroughly look forward to working with John Carlos Diaz again and highly recommend John Carlos to lead any drug development team or program.

          Erika Parker Zavod

          John Diaz reported directly to me from 2012 to 2015. I was confident that John could easily handle the responsibilities of vendor and budget oversight for clinical trials. John manage complex protocols while coordinating communication and trial related information across multiple departments with minimal supervision. During an Advisory Board meeting, John was praised for how efficient the clinical trials that were under his management were conducted. John is a strong leader, a diligent worker and has knowledge of many therapeutic areas and functions within clinical research. I strongly recommend John.